140 W Oak St

We do not have any information about this address.



Add one vanity and sink in unit # 230. run new waste and cold water line from unit #130 to new fixture to unit above, approx 30′ of waste and water. 1 new air admittance valve.


Erect 4.6 sf. flushwall non-illuminated sign for maxine’s salon. south wall


Install e facing non illum flsw sign 2 x 4.04 colorado vapors and s facing non illum flsw sign 1.5 x 6 colorado vapors


Move existing oak street cafe wall sign from south wall of building to the west side of the building facing the alley. 19 x 48


Remove existing stoop off back exit door and construct two concrete stairs with handrail. building owner affidavit on file


Tear off built up roof to deck and install 3.1 iso install 1/4 densdeck mechanically attach 45 mil tpo genflex and install 30 year shingles on gable area. own emp to provide labor


Install 2 sided s facing projecting wall sign 2 x 3 piercing/tattoo life changes body art


Install e facing non illum flsw sign 1 x 3.125 sexy little things and s-facing non illum flsw 1.3 x 4 sexy little things


Install e-facing non illum. flsw 1 x 3.125 sexy little things


Install s-facing 2-sided projecting wall sign 1.5 x 3 luminous skin. bottom of sign cannot be closer than 8 from sidewalk


Install south facing flsw non-illiminated 24 x 60 xooma install east facing flsw non-illuminated 46 x 30 xooma


Install 2.25 x 8 s-facing flsw sign acrylic underground nail salon


Install 2.17 x 8 s-facing non illum flushwall sign namaste salon


Install 2 x 10 flushwall sign for body and spa rituals on south wall. replaces bodyworks sign


Install flushwall sign on east wall for pluma bella gallery – 2 x 4


Removing signage for ca pelligrino installing flushwall sign 2.2 x 23.33 rainwater springs restaurant and deli south facing no illumination


Face change for e-facing flsw 3.33 x 4.5 to namaste and remove s-facing 2 x 2 prjw sign; install same with new name namaste to n-side


Remove candy’s fashions s & e facing signs and install s-facing flsw 2’x12 sign bodyworks massage and s-facing projection 2 x 1 2-sided sign bodyworks on projecting wall sign there must be a min. 8 vertical clearance bethween the bottom of the sign and the sidewalk


Erect flushwall sign on east wall 10 sf and sign on south wall 16 sf. both are for candy’s fashions


Flush wall sign on east side of building 54 x 40 – 15.27 sq ft nonilluminated angles salon


Remove existing wall sign inspirations 2 x 16 on south wall and instaflush wall sign on east frontier financial 21inch x 52inch and frontier financial on south window 21inch x 50in. permit also covers flushwall sigeast wall that was instal







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