Key Value
Address310 S College, Fort Collins CO
Permit Cost:$167,306
Square Feet:35,031

This project, titled “Uncommon”, will be a seven-story, mixed-use building. Uncommon is expected to take two years to complete, and aims to bring two floors of retail space and 180,000 square feet of apartments to the heart of Old Town Fort Collins. Uncommon’s future tenants will enjoy a number of amenities, including above-grade parking, two courtyards, and 151 secured bike parking spots. Apartments will range from studios up to three-bedroom apartments across the five apartment floors. The building will also have two elevators and two stairways.



Installation of new 27.2 sq ft flsw sign on w of building. uncommon installation of new 10.5 sq ft two sided grnd sign on w of building set at a zero setback. uncommon


This is a request for a proposed 6-story 127,800 sq ft Mixed-Use building on a 35,031 sq ft lot. The 116,800 sq ft of multi-family residential use will be comprised of a total of 119 dwelling units with 250 bedrooms situated above 11,000 sq ft of commercial space on ground level. A total of 128 parking spaces will be provided between on-site parking and one level of below grade parking. A total of 256 bicycle parking spaces will be provided, including 186 secured. The project is located at 310 S. College Avenue and is zoned as D-Downtown (Canyon Ave Subdistrict).


Complete demolition of the one story, 5008 sq. ft. former perkins restaurant building. state demolition approval notice received and owner authorization. received construction waste management plan.


Water heater replacement for perkins same size or larger- install per ipc imc and ifgc


Overlay one existing bur with gravel with 1/2 inch gpypsum & duro-last cpa system. u.l. class a rated





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